Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fwd: NEW RELEASE! Investor Leaseback Deal in South West of France!

We are proud to announce the new release of our new Investor Deal with one of France's leading Leaseback developers at Le Domaine de Rochvigne in the beautiful St Emilion, Dordogne!

The development is just 15 mins from Bergerac airport ensuring direct access from several UK carriers into one of France's most popular tourist destinations. More than 2.9million people come to the Dordogne every year and St Emilion is the region's most renowned location thanks to the prowess of its wine's, gastronomic history and incredible scenery enticing an increasing number of tourists each year.  

Capital Appreciation is strong as a result and has been very strong on average over the last 10 years.

Domaine de Rochevigne
The development consists of 85 luxury units, out of which the first 24 two bed duplexes can be purchased with only €3000 deposit.

This Investor Deal should appeal to a good proportion of your investors as it provides a much more interesting & profitable alternative to a pension.

"With France's leading Eco-Leaseback provider this investment offers security, the potential for strong capital gain, tax advantages and even the option to have some fun and use the property, all for €3000 initial deposit"

Investment Summary - 2 bedroom Duplex House

Purchase Price excl VAT                €181,895
Total Cash Employed                      €3000
Monthly Mortgage Shortfall        -€278

If a purchaser decides to put in more cash they can, and the shortfall will drop, e.g. €13,000 cash employed, only -€180 per month shortfall.

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