French Leaseback Investments

The French investment property market has remained stable despite the global recession continuing to attract investors and second home buyers alike. This has been echoed by the French Estate Agency Federation (FNAIM).

Its real estate law, mortgage qualification procedures and bureaucracy with purchasing through a notaire (notary) under very strict property laws combined with 2009’s tax incentives for French tax payers as well as the many French leaseback property opportunities now available has certainly created a attractive purchasing environment.

The country’s tight property legislation ensures that buyers are well-protected and strict planning laws mean that the area you buy within is far less likely (than other countries) to be spoilt by over development.

French Property : Key Investment Points

  • * Low-levels of private debt means that France tends to suffer less from the ‘boom-and-bust’ cycle
  • * Double tax treaty with France and the UK in place
  • * Politically and economically stable
  • * Modern transportation infrastructure with ease of access from the UK
  • * Mortgages available
  • * Popular French leaseback property scheme in operation allowing guaranteed rental income and personal usage
  • * Low property prices, especially compared to the UK
  • * Relaxed and traditional lifestyle
  • * France remains the most popular tourism destination in the world attracting nearly 80 million visitors each year
  • * Many different landscapes and environments from the ski slopes of the Alps to the beautiful beaches of the south of France and the magnificent rolling country side regions like Languedoc
  • * World renowned French cuisine and wine which is second to none
  • * Rich in culture and history with many architectural wonders 

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